Nigerian Dwarf Does

Register doe “New Moon Dax Sequoia”

Sire- Lost Valley KW Daxus

Dam-New Moon DY Blue Aquamarine

Date of Birth 06-14-13

Kidded 04/17/2015

2 bucklings and 1 doeling


This is our first registered doe to be bred at our house. Her registered name is “New Moon Dax Sequoia” but her nickname is Tator! She is due to kid on June 12th, 2014. We purchased her (along with her brother) last spring and just love them! They have great personalities and love being out of the pen and running around the yard with us!!!! If she has a doe, we plan on keeping it and adding it to our herd, if she has any bucks, we are planning on selling them!

Tator was born at a local farm and was one of 4 babies born!!! We are excited to see her babies!

Non Registered Doe “Nala”

Date of Birth 04-18-2014

Kidded 1 buckling

 DSCF1006 DSCF1015

This is Nala. She is one of two new babies we got at just a day old and that were bottle fed. Her babies will be sold as non registered goats.

Non Registered Doe “Morgan”

Date of Birth 04-18-2014

Kidded 1 doeling 

 DSCF1008 DSCF1010


This is Nala’s sister “Morgan”. She is the second one that we have had since a day old that was bottle fed. She will also have non registered babies for sale.

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